Snugg iPad Case and Wireless Keyboard Review

by Himanshu Gupta on November 4, 2012

Apple iPad, the most popular tablet looks great in itself but using a case or cover for the same not only protects it from minor damages and dirt but also enhances the whole experience of using it. Today we are going tor review some iPad 2/3 cases from

iPad Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard case

snugg ipad wireless bluetooth keyboard

This looks like a sleek wireless keyboard for iPad but other than being a keyboard it also acts as a case wherein you can place your iPad upside down and it becomes one unit which can carried easily wherever you want. The keys are well spaced out and other than the normal keyboard keys it also contains the home key which enable you work completely via the Bluetooth keyboard. The keyboard can be used upto a distance of 10m from the tablet. The tablet can also be docked on the keyboard itself in landscape or portrait mode and can give you a feel of a netbook or laptop. The keys feel a bit fragile but are reliable for sure. The base of the keyboard has a brushed metal finish. The keyboard can be charged with a USB cable and gives a backup of upto 50hrs. This Snugg wireless keyboard is really affordable and costs $49.99 with free shipping options.

iPad 2 Desert Camouflage Case

snugg camouflage ipad case

This case gives a great look and feel to your iPad. Camouflage case from Snugg is very well made with all the ports and buttons openings at the perfect position because of which you can connect the charger and headphones without removing the case. The flip cover is actually a smart cover which works in sync with the display while opening and closing. The cover has a provision to make the iPad stand which enables you to watch movies or make videos calls totally hands free. The cover also has a nice handle strap which helps you to grip the ipad while using it. The material of case is top notch be it inside or outside. This is a must have for all the iPad owners.

Snugg Screen Guard

snugg screen protectors

Market is full of screen protectors for iPads but a common user can’t make out the difference between them at the time of buying them so we usually end up trusting the seller. It is only that after using it for a while we get to know if it was worth our money or not. But recently when I replaced my iPad’s screen protector with the ones I received from Snugg I got to know that brand matters a lot. Snugg’s screen protectors are anti-glare which gives a comfortable viewing option while operating the tablet in bright light. It is easy to install and are pretty long lasting.

Snugg is a really great online store for buying tablet accessories, you can buy great quality products at competitive prices.



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