Now Watch Free Online Bollywood movies with Yahoo MultiPlex

by Himanshu Gupta on August 17, 2011

After the success of YouTube box office channel, Yahoo has also launched its own portal for streaming free Bollywood movies online. The best part being it is free for now with no interruption such as ads.

MoviePlex yahoo free movies online bollywood

These steps will help curb piracy which is a matter of great concern worldwide. With the launch of Yahoo multiplex users will get more options as far as the number of movies are concerned. YouTube already has the a great collection of Bollywood movie and it keeps adding to it on a regular basis. Latest addition been the Movie Bheja Fry 2.

Coming back to Yahoo multiplex, Yahoo has launched the new service with movies like  Dil to Bachha Hai Ji, Rock On, Aakrosh, Rann  and amny more. And they will be partnering with more production houses in keep adding to the list of moives. Unlike YouTube Yahoo multiplex is not HD as per now. It only provides standard definition(SD) movie streaming.

This is a great step against piracy in a country like India and this should be encouraged. People should be made more aware of the same. But other than this the ISP’s should improve the internet speeds so as to encourage people to watch legal stuff like this online.

Link to follow: Yahoo Multiplex

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