How to Set Up a Wireless Home Network

by Karen Schweitzer on July 22, 2011

wireless wifi networkWireless home networks are very convenient to have. They allow a wireless internet connection to be shared among all the computers in your household. You can choose to share files, printers, and other devices as well. You may think that it is difficult to set up a wireless home network, but it is really quite simple. All you need is the proper equipment and instructions.

Gather Your Equipment

Before setting up your wireless home network, you will need to gather all of the necessary equipment. You should also be sure your current computer operating system will support a wireless network. If it does, you will need an internet connection before you can set up your network. You will also need a DSL or cable modem. A modem is what connects you to the internet and is usually provided to you by your internet service provider, or ISP.

Once you have your internet connection, you will need a wireless router to transmit the internet signal to each computer on your network. Your router will come with instructions, which should be kept handy for future reference. If you have a newer computer, chances are it has a built-in wireless network adapter. If not, you will need to purchase one for each computer you wish to have on your network. A wireless network adapter allows the computer to pick up the wireless internet signal. Once you have all of these things established, you are ready to set up your wireless home network.

Set Up Your Network

To set up your wireless network, you first have to be sure your internet connection is working. Your internet service provider is most likely the one who set up the modem and connection, so you shouldn’t have trouble. If you do indeed have trouble, contact your ISP.

If your internet connection is working properly, the first step in setting up your network is to connect the wireless router to the modem. To do this, you will want to temporarily unplug your modem to disconnect power. Then, you will need to locate the network cable that came with your router. When you have the cable, plug one end into the modem. Plug the other end of the network cable into the port on your router labeled internet, WAN, or WLAN. This port will most likely be located on the back or your router. Once the modem and router are connected, plug the modem back in and make sure it is on. After a couple minutes, plug in and turn on your router. If the router is properly hooked to the modem, the light on the router that corresponds to the back port should light up. The light will be labeled internet, WAN, or WLAN, just like the port.

Once you have successfully connected the modem and router, you will need to configure your router in order to set up your network. To do this, hook the computer you are using to setup the network to an open port on the back of your router. If your computer isn’t already on, turn it on. It should detect your router as a new device. When you open the internet, it may take you directly to the router’s configuration webpage. If not, type in the address of the page manually. You may need a password to continue, and that should be included with your router’s instructions. Follow the prompts to set up your network name, security key, and network password. These are important security measures and should be completed. When you are finished configuring your router, unplug it from your computer.

At this point, your wireless internet network is set up completely. If you choose to share other computers and devices on your network, make sure they are capable of being shared. If so, follow the instructions that came with each device to successfully add it to your wireless home network. Once you have added all desired devices to your network, you can begin sharing them.

If you follow these instructions to set up your wireless home network, you will see how simple it can be. A wireless network will be a great addition to your home, and you will most likely utilize it on a regular basis.

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