How to remove Ads from yahoo mail for free

by Himanshu Gupta on January 28, 2011

Advertisements is the major revenue generating source for companies such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook since they offer free services to their users. And if you buy the premium packs from these companies providers then you can skip the advertisements. But what if you don’t want to pay and still want to enjoy the service with minimal adverts? Well most of these services have advertising banners in the most visible areas so that users view that and they get higher revenue from it. Recently Yahoo, one of the most popular e-mail service provider customized their mail look and feel. The new interface is quite fast and user friendly. But the only problem is there placement of advertising banners. One of the banners being placed on the right side of the inbox which really annoys the user. The banner  is placed such that no matter how small the screen you are working on, the banner will adjust its size according to it. Which decreases the size of the inbox and makes it very unpleasant to work on.


yahoo mail

You can hide the ads by clicking on the Hide Ad option arrow beside the advertisements but this has to be done every time you log in to the account which is a temporary solution. So in order to find a permanent solution i did some research and found a solution.

Instead of the above method you can install a firefox addon and chrome extension WebmailAdBlocker which blocks the ads on the sidebar completely as if they never existed, giving you the maximum screen size available. This plugin is available on Firefox only for now which is bit of a downer. But since the major part of the internet users use Firefox web browser this plugin can really helpful.

So without paying for premium mail services such yahoo plus you can get rid of the sidebar ads with just a few clicks.

Link: Chrome, Firefox

Do you mind these ads?

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