How To Increase Your Internet Connection Speed

by Paul on May 3, 2011

increase internet speed

Internet has been the greatest means of communication since a long period of time and has remained the best. And for this reason everybody move to the internet to do most of the things they want to do. But many people have experienced some difficulties in getting the best out of the internet due to the fact that their internet connection is slow. For you to get the best from the internet, you need a fast and reliable internet connection. If you are on this page because you want improvement to your internet connection then you are in the right place. Among the basic types of internet connections that we have, broadband is the best and the fastest. So if you are not using a broadband internet connection and your internet connection is slow then you have a reason to change to broadband. If you already have a broadband internet connection and your internet connection is slow then the tips below are for you.

Do basic maintenance to your PC

If your once super-fast internet connection became slow of recent and you don’t know how it happened there are some things you can do on your computer to make your internet connection faster. What you need to do to recover the good speed of your internet connection is just some simple and basic things on the computer like running a virus scan, clearing off the caches on your browser, emptying the recycle bin, disk defrag and deleting unused and unwanted files from your computer. Scanning your computer for viruses is very important because you internet connection becoming unusually slow might be a sign of your computer been infected with malwares. Always make sure you do these basic things regularly and your internet connection will remain fast.

Upgrade your computer

Another good thing you can do to make your internet connection to improve in speed is upgrading. Your internet connection might be slow due to your computer being slow itself. Your internet connection cannot be faster than your computer allows so you need to upgrade your computer if the components are low. You can increase you hard disk and RAMs.  When your computer is faster, you internet connection speed will also improve.

Contact your ISP

Some times your internet connection solution might rest in the hands of you internet service provider. When your internet connection has unusually become slow all you need to do is feel free and contact your internet service provider customer care and relate your problems to them. They are in the best position to help you in situations like this.

Check for other programs that may be using your bandwidth

And often the problems to your internet connection are the programs that run underground and always use your bandwidth while you browse. The truth is that many programs that are installed on the computer update themselves regularly thereby causing you internet connection to work at a slower pace. For your internet connection to improve in speed you need to stop these programs from updating regularly. Those that are not important on your computer should be removed. You can also turn off automatic updates.

Know your speed limit

Sometimes what it may take to make your internet connection faster and better is for you to know your speed limit. Your internet connection might be slow because you are exceeding the limit your internet connection can offer you. If you know your speed limit you are going to know how to plan your browsing better and you will never get frustrated while browsing the internet with your internet connection.



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