How to hide/unhide apps in iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

by Himanshu Gupta on February 3, 2012

If you have cluttered your Apple device with a countless number of apps and you don’t even want to delete some of the apps which you have purchased from the iTunes store then rather than deleting you can hide them. There is an option in iTunes to hide or unhide the apps you don’t wish to show on the home screen of your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

There are times when you want hide the apps installed on your device from kids, parents or friends so you can either delete them or use the hide option in the iTunes or Apple App Store.

How to hide apps in iOS?

For iPad apps

1.) Go to the App Store

2.) In the bottom you will see an option “Purchased”, all the apps you have purchased (both free and paid) from the Apple ID, you are currently logged in, are listed there.

hide app ios

3,) Go to the app which you want to hide and swipe across its name. A red button will appear with “HIDE” written on it. Tap on it and your app is hidden now.

hide app itunes

To Unhide iTunes app

1.) Go to the App store and make sure you are logged in the same account in which the application was hidden.

2.) Scroll down and click on your Apple ID. Select View Apple ID and scroll down again.

hide apps ipad

3.) Under the heading iTunes in the Cloud, go to hidden purchases.

hide apps iphone

4.) There you will see the hidden apps. Tap on Unhide and you are done.

hide app ipod

In iPhone & iPod Touch

1.) Go to App store and tap updates.

2.) Now tap purchased and go to the app you want to hide.

3.) Slide your finger across the name of the app you want to hide. A red hide button will appear, tap it and the app is hidden.

Hiding the apps will prevent you from re-installing the apps which were already installed at the time of purchase. Hope in the next update Apple makes it much easier to hide or unhide apps.

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