Get Google Plus Invitation & Learn how to send Google Plus Invitation

by Himanshu Gupta on July 3, 2011

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Facebook is the best social networking website nowadays. It really smashed many social networking website, Orkut being one of them. Orkut is social networking site by Google which was quite famous before the launch Facebook. But as soon as Facebook was made available to the general public Orkut lost its charm. But now Google is again trying to win the battle by its launch of its new social networking website Google Plus.

Google Plus, the new social networking website by Google is out. But a limited number of user can access it. People with Google Plus+ invitation can only access the new social network by Google.  You can the invitation from us or if you already have an account then this post can help you know how to send the invitations to your friends.

How to send Google +invite

1. Get the email ID of the person you need to send the Google Plus invite.

2. Post a status update or if you have posted a update earlier then you can use it too.

3. Share that status update or anything on your profile with the person you need to send the invitation too.  Enter the E-Mail of the person in order to share the same.

4. Now the person will receive your invitation as an E-mail. He/She can follow the link in order to sign in to there Google Plus account.

How to get a Google Plus invitation

If you don’t already have an account on Google Plus and need an invitation then you need follow these steps

Step 1. Tweet and Like this post.

Step 2. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Step 3. Leave your email-id on the facebook page and a proof of the above two steps.

The invitation only concept is not new. But it is really a very good concept in order to make users interested since it has a limited access.

So are you going to migrate form Facebook for Google Plus?

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