Detect invisible/offline friends in Facebook

by Himanshu Gupta on August 3, 2010

invisibleThere are times when you don’t want to interact with some of your annoying friends online but there can be times that when you are the annoying one. In Facebook people create a list of people to whom they want to appear offline. So the people in the blacklist are offline for each other. I recently discovered a technique to detect your invisible of offline friends if they are online.

Detect invisible Facebook users

Many of you must have played  Texas Hold’Em Poker by zynga game network. It is very addictive. Well here the catch both the users i.e. you and your friend should have the zynga poker application added in your account. That means that you and your friends must have played the games once. It doesn’t matter if he is playing the game at that point of time. So if this is true for both of you then go to the poker game application and click invite friends. There you’ll see all the friends who are online even if they are offline for you.

zynga poker facebook

So send out the invitations to all your friends to join the zynga poker game application and start keeping a check on them. It works most of the times but might disappoint at times.

This is definitely is a intrusion is their privacy but sometimes this is also important. Since the other person can be the culprit and you might wanna get things straight with him/her. This can be very useful at times  but make sure you don’t use it unnecessarily as you might be the victim of the same next time.With this tutorial you also know how it might be used against you so you might think of removing this application from your account.

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