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by guest author on February 28, 2012

Photography seems to be everyone’s hobby these days all thanks to the great cameras that are launched in the market on a regular basis. There are so many cameras that are available and they help you to get the best out of you, as a photographer. This is one of the main reasons why people have taken an interest to photography and many of them have got some great shots as well. I believe that the camera that is being used is the most important aspect and if the person is not using the right camera, he/she is not going to get the right shot, no matter how good his photography skills are. The best DSLR cameras for beginners in India have been listed here.


Canon Rebel T2i (EOS 550D)

Price: Rs.44000

Canon_EOS_550D dslr

The Canon Rebel T21 is a perfect DSLR camera for starters. It has features that make its usage butter smooth and it has an 18MP optical sensor that ensures crisp pictures. This camera is the successor of the T1i and it has better features too. It has a broad LCD display and the layout of the buttons is different from the previous one. The 7D light metering has been integrated with this camera. The camera also takes great videos in HD quality. The camera is equipped with the zoomed “movie crop” function as well. I my view this is the best DSLR camera to buy for any beginner. This DSLR camera under $1000 is all set to make you the photographer that you always wanted to be.


Nikon D3100

Price: Rs.27000

nikon_d3100 dslr

If you are a photography enthusiast with a budget to stick to, then this is the camera for you. This model is packed with a 14.2MP sensor and it houses an EXPEED 2 image processor that ensures better picture quality. The camera has many new features that were not present in its predecessors and among them, the most noteworthy feature is the Live View that is complemented by the Scene auto selector function that detects the environment where the picture is being shot and adjust the light and lens accordingly. The video recording facility is also great as the camera is capable of shooting HD quality videos. This is indisputably the best DSLR camera under 30000.


Olympus E-PL1

Price: Rs.14500

Olympus E-PL1 dslr

Olympus has some great cameras and the E-PL1 is one of them. This DSLR camera has been made for the masses and it has a plastic body. It is also lighter than the standard DSLR cameras but that does not take away anything from its performance. This camera packs a 12.3MP optical sensor. The features of this camera are above average as it has the standard ISO and focus controls but the camera lacks a viewfinder and that can be a let down for some. Overall, the camera performs decently and bearing its cost in mind, it’s a good choice. This is one of the best DSLR camera under 25000.


Panasonic Lumix G2

Price: Rs.31000

Panasonic Lumix G2 dslr

The Panasonic Lumix G2 is another camera with a 12.1 MP. I feel that Panasonic has not been doing a very great job designing cameras these days and this camera is not an exception to this. It has very basic looks. It does manage to allure with its features though. The camera does not have full HD recording, but shoots at 720p which is good enough. The camera has a flip open LCD screen that you can point at and the camera will focus on those specific points. Apart from this, the camera also has an electronic viewfinder. It is a good choice for novices.


Pentax K-x

Price: Rs.41000

Pentax K-x dslr

Pentax is not really known for its products but this DSLR camera of theirs has brought them into the limelight. This DSLR camera has a unique design and it is compact at the same time. It has great features and has a better ISO than its competitors. It has a 12.4 MP optical sensor, 11 point auto focus, image stabilization system. The image quality is impeccable and the camera captures video in HD quality. The overall functioning of the camera is splendid and it also has a rubber exterior for gripping it while you are taking pictures. The camera offers value for money.


Samsung NX10

Price: Rs.43000

Samsung_NX10 dslr

The camera is a great to start with in case you are a trying out photography for the first time. Designed smartly, this DSLR camera manages to provide great shots and it has features that are top notch. It packs a 14.6 MP optical sensor and an electronic viewfinder. All the major controls of the camera are manual and the surprise element of this camera is that it has a 3 inch AMOLED display that consumes lesser battery than an LCD screen. The camera not just gives good quality images, but also shoots videos at 720p HD.


Sony A390

Price: Rs.29000

sony_a390 dslr

I have a soft corner for Sony products and thus the review may be inclined towards the company. This DSLR camera has a 14.2MP sensor and supports interchangeable lenses. This camera also packs a 2.7 inch LCD screen that auto rotates when the camera is in portrait mode. The additional features of the camera include Live View, anti-dust system and anti-shake system. This camera offers splendid shots and using it is not difficult and this it is an appropriate choice for any beginner.


Nikon D7000

Price: Rs.73000

nikon d7000 dslr

Here is another camera from the house of Nikon that will stun you with its features and looks. The camera has a16.2-megapixel DX-format image sensor. This is good enough for getting great clicks. As a whole the camera will work great with starters and they will learn a lot with this camera. The additional features of the DSLR camera are a 3D Colour Matrix metering system, new EXPEED 2 image-processing engine, auto-focus system with 3D tracking, analogue-to-digital conversion, dust- and moisture-sealed magnesium alloy body, 3-inch LCD screen and dual memory card slots. Video recording is of full HD quality.


Canon EOS 7D

Price: Rs.84000

Canon EOS 7D dslr

The Canon EOS 7D is an efficient performer. It has an 18MP sensor and that is something that very few DSLR camera beginners 2012 are equipped with. The camera is fit for use by people who have experience with cameras as well. This DSLR camera packs a Dual DIGIC IV processor, ISO range between 100 and 6400, cross-type AF, iFCL metering system, intelligent viewfinder, transmissive LCD screen and has a Magnesium alloy body. The camera is water and dustproof. The camera will suit everyone’s needs.


Olympus E5

Price: Rs.80000

OlympusE5 dslr

Yet another camera from the house of Olympus, that makes it to this list. This camera is a rugged one and is best for outdoor use as it is splashproof. It has a 12.3MP sensor and the upper limit of the ISO range as 6400. With HD video recording capabilities and a 3 inch LCD screen, this camera is integrated with various technologies of which the TruPic V+ image processing is worth a special mention. The design of this camera is quite attractive and it is sure to find many takers in the market. The camera is now compatible with Compact Flash and SDHC/SDXC memory cards.

These are the best DSLR cameras for beginners in India. They are all one better than the other and if you get any one of them and use it to click pictures, the day will not be far when you will be a pro at photography.

Guest Post is Written by Paras Sharma Who is Web Entrepreneur, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger. He Loves to play chess and blogs regularly on TechnologyArticlesandTutorials and speciailize in writing paperpresentationtopics

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