BenQ G1 Camera Review

by Himanshu Gupta on February 6, 2013

BenQ is very well associated with projectors but with G1 point and shoot camera BenQ has made an strong impression into the camera segment. With a competitive price G1 comes with a F1.8 lens,  swivel screen and 4.6x zoom.

Benq G1 Camera

Look And Feel

Benq G1 Camera

BenQ G1 is the slimmest camera as compared to the other point and shoot cameras in the market and it feels good in hand. There is a nice grip on the right side with leather texture with BenQ branding on it. The G1 camera comes with a nice leather pouch with really gives the whole package a great feel to it.



BenQ G1 is a 14 Megapixel camera with F1.8 lens. The swivel 3-inch LCD panel at the back has a 920k  resolution. The mode dial has a lot of options to play with and a second dial on the backside compliments the usage which can be used while in manual mode to adjust the shutter speed and the aperture.

Benq G1 CameraBenQ Review

There is a multi-purpose dial  and an shortcut Q button which can customized for any setting option you want.

Benq G1 Camera review

The shots taken in daylight were pretty good and the images were processed quickly making the camera ready for the 2nd shot. But during burst mode it took a lot of time to process those which was annoying sometimes. Talking about the low light shots for which this camera is made for, were pretty decent. The f1.8 lens means a larger aperture which lets more light to come in making it possible to take decent shots in low light without flash.

Benq G1 Camera



BenQ G1 is a nice camera with a decent price of Rs. 19,000 for those who wants a point and shoot camera with a capability of capturing great shots with the help the of the manual settings when you want to feel like a pro.

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