How to download Apple App Store apps not available in your country’s app store

by Himanshu Gupta on January 25, 2012

Apple app store is the most popular application store followed by the android app market. Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone and the iPod use this app store by default. Recently I came to know that Apple has country wise app stores. For example, there is  a different app store for both India and US. So some of the apps which are available In the US app store are not available in the Indian App store and vice versa.

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Lets take for example iPad applications such as  ABC, PBS are not available in the Indian app store. iTunes software on PC does show these apps but you can’t download those.

Install iPad/iPhone/iPod App store apps from a different country’s app store

  1. First make a new apple ID with a dummy address of the country of your choice whose Apple app store you want to access and select “none” for credit card. This can be done from the iTunes software itself when it ask for you Apple ID and password or from apple’s website.
  2. Now go to iTunes and sign-out if you are logged with your old Apple ID. Scroll Down and select change country to select the country of your choice.
  3. Now you will see that the iTunes is showing the apps from that country’s app store. Select the app you want to install and sign-in with the newly created Apple ID.

You can only download free apps and not the paid apps from the Apple App store using this trick. And make sure to prevent the apps from accessing your location, when asked, since some them are not fully functional in other countries. So for some of the apps such as ABC and PBS you have to use a VPN network in order to access them.

I think Apple should include a option in order to let the users access the apps from different countries using a single Apple ID. It might be possible that the app become more popular in other countries.

So which app are looking forward to download after reading this post, do share with us below.

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